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Have you thought about becoming licensed as a Developmental Home provider?

Developmental homes allow you to provide care in your own home/residence. They are specialized family homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Adults thrive in the individualized setting as opposed to living in a group home setting. Your family and home would be licensed to care for adults who aren’t able to live with their families or don’t have the skills or desire to live on their own. As a developmental home provider, you will provide an adult with a stable, loving home. You will be their advocate. You will teach them life skills. You will make a positive impact on their lives.

Adult Developmental Homes (ADH)

There is a growing need for families to be licensed as an ADH. Many of the adults placed in a developmental home setting attend a day program or hold a job. They may need assistance in developing skills such as self-help, socialization, and money management.

Child Developmental Homes (CDH)

Children with developmental disabilities need to be placed in a home that is able to meet their needs. School-age children would attend school. A child may need assistance in meeting developmental milestones and need extra assistance with self-help and socialization skills.

Become a Host Home Provider

Licensing Agency

As a licensing agency, our responsibility is to assist you with the licensing process or transfer your existing license to our agency. Your family will have a family specialist assigned to you to assist with both licensing and ongoing needs. The family specialist will work with you to build a profile based on your skills and family dynamics.

Our placement team works to match a adult in need of a home with your profile. We will be an advocate for you and your placement to ensure needs are met. We will assist in finding services and resources to assist your family and placement.

A Place to Call Home has a behavior specialist to assist your family in learning new and creative ways to manage behaviors. We have a nurse to train families in any medical care (i.e. feeding tubes, breathing treatments) that may be required for placement.

A Place To Call Home is Multi-contracted.

  • Respite services
  • Training
  • Foster care
  • Tribal foster care
  • Adoption

For more information on any of these services, click to visit our website.

Become a Host Home Provider