Brandi’s Story

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Our daughter Brandi [Arnold] has lived happily and successfully in the community for the last three years supported by Creative Living Services [CLS].  Brandi is high functioning in many ways but medically fragile in many ways. The key to her success is her well trained and caring staff and especially having an excellent house manager. Brandi was seriously ill before moving to CLS and had lost her ability to walk. The staff have worked hard with her and at this point she is able to walk with their assistance. This is encouraging to Brandi and gives us joy. It takes a lot of work and supervision to stay on top of her medical needs.

Brandi has the ideal roommates and one in particular is a best friend*. They have many common interests and care deeply for each other. [COVID-19] created a huge challenge for staff to find home activities each day to keep clients engaged and active but they were up for the task.

Their home is extremely nice and cozy, it is always well maintained and orderly. The meals are good, healthy and designed for specific diet guidelines that each client has.

It has been a huge relief to us as parents and guardians to be so worry free and pleased with our daughter’s life. She loves her home and life! Staff, clients and guardians alike look forward to sunny weather and resuming regular outings after the long [COVID-19] restrictions and carefulness required.  We are grateful for it all and can’t think of anything that could be improved in this program.

Rosemary and Gene Krueger
Brandi’s parents and guardians

* “Seeing her enjoying spending time with her best friend is so heartwarming. It seems that she never really had a friend! They watch movies together, do arts and crafts and enjoy going on little vacations together with Rosemary and of course we provide staff to assist!” – Ingrid Hockenberry, Executive Director, CLS

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