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Community Living Services

Supported Employment & Job Placement

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is how we assist the people we support in obtaining work in the community through training, job placement and partnerships with businesses that employ our workers. Job development is an essential element of our program and includes matching each individual for a job or position that is best suited to their abilities and the needs of the business.

ResCare staff also provides long-term follow-up to ensure both the individual and the business are benefiting from supported employment partnerships.

Success Story

One example of supported employment in action is the success of Maria Summers. Maria moved to a ResCare Community Living group home in Ohio to gain independence as a young adult.

In early 2022, she started working with a job coach at Riesbeck’s grocery store with a goal of being hired full time. She had a job interview on June 3, 2022, and was offered a position which she happily accepted. She’s had an exemplary attendance record and has been a reliable employee.

Every day, Maria is excited to go to work where she packs cookies. She enjoys working and earning her paycheck, contributing to her independence.