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Care Management

Improving Health Outcomes of Individuals with I/DD

Comunity Alternatives of NC

Through Care Management, our goal is to improve health outcomes of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through holistic care, person-centered planning, and more. Our job is to ensure individuals under our care are set up for success in efforts to reach their highest potential and abilities. We work hard to help you develop good health habits, maintain healthy life choices, reach your desired level of independence, become empowered, and be your best self.

Care Management services provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a single designated Care Manager. The Care Manager works with each individual, guardians, family members, and members of the individuals’ multidisciplinary team on an integrated care approach. Once care management has been initiated, and a comprehensive assessment is completed, our Care Managers and Care Navigators will ensure each individual has the right multidisciplinary team in place to provide services and supports that enables the individual to reach beyond the goals set in the care plan or ISP. Our staff will either meet with you face-to-face, through Web based applications, or by telephone/cell calls.

Core Components of Care Management and Expectations

Care Managers are equipped to manage holistic needs spanning physical health, behavioral health, I/DD, TBI, pharmacy, long-term services, and support (LTSS), pharmacy services, and services to address unmet health-related resource needs (or Social Determinants of Health, SDOH).  Care Managers help provide:


Who is Eligible for Our Care Management Services?Woman and man laughing

Individuals aged three and older and who are or will be enrolled in a Tailored Plan and have an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD), including:

  • Adults with I/DD who are NOT on the Innovations or TBI waivers
  • Innovations Waiver participants receiving Waiver services from another provider(including dual eligible)
  • TBI Waiver participants receiving Waiver services from another provider (including dual eligible)
  • iWaiver option participants

We’re here to support you in determining your eligibility through North Carolina’s Tailored Plans, too.


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