Charlie’s Story

April 10, 2023 Filed under: Uncategorized

ResCare Community Living Program Manager Vicki Calyniuk received an emergency referral for Charlie and went to go see him immediately for possible placement. When she visited him, Charlie was in his wheelchair in the living room with his back to the television. Charlie’s head was down, he was very thin, and he did not respond to any type of interaction whatsoever. When Vicki left Charlie that day, she decided that we wanted to support him at ResCare. Our hearts were hurting for Charlie and the condition he was in.

Charlie’s brother came to tour our 3home and was very pleased. He wanted Charlie transferred as soon as possible. While touring the home, he shared that Charlie used to be very talkative and was always smiling. His brother didn’t understand what happened.

Charlie was moved to the ResCare home in May 2021. Within a year, Charlie was no longer sitting with his head down. He was alert and interacting with staff and other clients by communicating using his voice. He is also back in a healthy weight range. Charlie’s brother has made numerous comments that his family is extremely pleased that his brother is alert and happy. They thank ResCare for taking care of his brother.

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