Dennis’ Story

October 19, 2022 Filed under: Uncategorized

These are excerpts from a letter written on May 31, 2022, by Debbie Ramsey, mother and guardian of ResCare Community Living client Dennis Rooswinkel.

They always keep me updated on everything – shots, meds, tube changing,… getting his teeth done. I have never gone to such a clean, happy place… The adults are never alone, always seem happy… It’s because of the staff. They all take care of the adults. In all the years, I have never had a problem with them – no moment of unhappiness or upset because something happen[ed] to my son. I call them Dennis’ first family because they are… with him longer than he was at home. I have been there all hours during the day… [They] have loved my son like their own. I am so bless[ed] and happy they are a big part of our life… I want to thank all the staff… for loving and caring for my son.

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