K’s Story

July 1, 2024 Filed under: Uncategorized

George and Esther have been Host Home Providers with Community Advantage for several years. They have cared for many individuals, and in September 2023, they welcomed K into their home. George and Esther have advocated for K and integrated her into their loving family.

K is a spunky and goofy 35-year-old lady who can make anyone laugh. She lost her guardian and family of 14 years last summer, and she has had to endure a lot of change since then. K has remained resilient and positive despite this. Everyone who meets K can’t help but smile and enjoy her boisterous presence.

George and Esther have supported K and helped her thrive over the past nine months. They helped her find a day program that she loves and spend more time in the community for activities and events. K’s health and happiness have improved greatly since joining George and Esther’s family.

George helped K reconnect and spend more time with her biological father, which brings her so much joy. She gets excited to talk on the phone with him and loves to go out for tacos. We, her team, are so excited to see K’s community and support system grow.

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