Latoya Whitted-Witcher – Kansas Direct Support Professional of the Year

March 31, 2022 Filed under: Uncategorized

Latoya Whitted-Witcher is a seasoned Direct Support Professional (DSP) with 20 years of experience. She loves her work and is a champion for the individuals she cares for. The individuals she works with require a high level of support and assistance, and she goes above and beyond to make sure that exceptional care is always provided. Her focus on quality and compassion care earned her a promotion as a leader.

Latoya jumps right into her day and makes sure that the individuals she supports every day are happy, healthy, and having fun. Latoya maintains excellent relationships with her individuals, fellow DPSs, and management staff. She cares for the people she serves and their needs in a dignified way and has built personal and professional relationships with the individuals and their guardians. She has created expectations for the staff in the home and a high standard of care that they all follow.

Latoya embodies leadership with everything she does and creates a positive environment, training all her coworkers to the quality standards she sets for herself and the home. She works with our individuals positively and firmly, letting them know they matter and are worth the time and dignity given. She helps them live their best life every day.

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