ResCare Community Living – Indianapolis, Indiana

We are proud to provide residential support and services in and around the Indianapolis area helping people live their best life! We also have a Day Program located in Indianapolis which provides opportunities for people to participate in meaningful activities throughout the day. We specialize in supporting people with behavioral challenges and people with difficulties in emotional regulation, as well as those with high medical needs. We assist people with transportation to and from school/work, shopping and doctor's appointments. We also assist and mentor people with learning and completing household chores, cooking and personal hygiene; And we strive to teach people to be kind and caring members of their community. We are successful because we have a large group of highly trained and experienced employees who have devoted their careers to advocacy and ensuring the people we support live the highest possible quality of life.

ResCare Community Alternatives Adept and ResCare VOCA Corporation of Indiana

8041 Knue Rd.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46250
Phone: (317) 570-5903
Counties Served:

Fayette, Hancock, Hendricks, Henry, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, Rush, Shelby, Union, Wayne

Payment Type Accepted:

Medicaid Waiver Programs

Private Pay