Marcel’s Story

February 14, 2024 Filed under: Uncategorized

Marcel is a remarkable 28-year-old who, despite a recent setback, has grown in leaps and bounds, motivated to regain abilities he previously had. He has been in an EduCare home for approximately nine months and has been a positive addition since day one.

Until 2021, Marcel participated in baseball, was active in his day program, and walked independently each day with his support staff. One day, Marcel’s life changed drastically when he suffered what doctors referred to as a sudden and unforeseen medical mystery.

After experiencing back-to-back seizures, Marcel received months-long treatment in the hospital. He lost 85% of function in his legs and the right side of his body, making it impossible to do many of the activities he used to enjoy. While Marcel has continued in both physical and occupational therapy, doctors are still unable to give much optimism about regaining his ability to walk.

Marcel was initially angry and had many behavioral outbursts, but has come to accept his new normal and works very hard to be the best version of himself. He does not allow negative talk and works to remain optimistic. He focuses on maintaining functionality where he can, determined to increase his strength so he can participate in the Special Olympics.

While not working with his physical therapist, Marcel enjoys football, watching SpongeBob SquarePants, and going on outings. He also loves having motivational conversations with staff and tells everyone how he plans on achieving his goals.

Marcel does have his bad days, but he realizes when this is happening and reads motivational quotes that are posted on his walls. He repeats those to himself so he can turn his frustration into gratitude about the things he has been able to accomplish.

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