ResCare Community Living Celebrates 2021 Florida ARF Award Winner

October 28, 2021 Filed under: Uncategorized

ResCare Community Living is proud to announce that Florida Residential Manager Susan Kaminski was awarded the 2021 Legislative Advocate of the Year Award from the Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (ARF).

The awards honor individuals for special contributions, commitments, and continuing service to people with disabilities. The Legislative Advocate of the Year Award is presented annually to an individual whose dedication and advocacy efforts have resulted in improvements to the developmental services system and the people it serves.

Susan lives every day in absolute dedication to advocating for meaningful changes in the lives of individuals with disabilities. She has served as a fervent advocate for Floridians with disabilities for over 20 years by shaking and moving the system in every way possible that will result in positive change, whether within her agency, the medical community or local government.

Susan is well known by several medical professionals throughout the community due to her reputation as an exemplary advocate for disabled individuals. This has resulted in many disabled persons receiving both top-quality and stable medical treatment for many years. The residents at her agency are known on a first-name basis with their medical providers who understand their unique needs. She constantly encourages these medical professionals to publicly speak up and advocate for meaningful change. This is the exact type of change from within action Florida’s disabled citizens need.

Susan takes every opportunity available to publicly stand for meaningful change. She has a lengthy record of sending letters, making phone calls and sending emails to public officials at every level of government. She truly represents this award through her actions and passion for making meaningful change in the lives of Florida’s citizens with disabilities.

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