Richard’s Story

June 26, 2023 Filed under: Uncategorized

Richard Perry has been receiving 24/7 residential services in the Dunbar, WV, waiver program since 2013. He is an absolute joy to be around. Richard routinely visits the agency office to drop off his artwork as gifts to employees. He is an extremely talented artist who enjoys nearly all cartoons and video game characters.

In the fall of 2022, as COVID-19 restrictions began to lift in the state, Richard expressed an interest in getting a job. He was hired at Goodwill Industries and has been working five days per week since late 2022. Richard works at the West Virginia State Capitol complex in Charleston, WV. He is very proud when he is asked how work is going, and with his wonderful sense of humor, he generally responds, “They are just working me too hard.” He always has a smile on his face. Richard is a bright spot to everyone’s day with his kind, considerate, and joyful approach to most things in his life.

Richard’s direct support staff are also an integral part to his success with his employment. They accompany him daily and provide him with coaching and support to complete his assigned job duties. Without their investment in this goal for Richard, it would not be possible. It is a wonderful partnership to see the pride Richard has in himself and the pride his direct support staff have in him with this new aspect of his life.

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