Samuel’s Story

April 24, 2024 Filed under: Uncategorized

Samuel Hooker was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he was displaced to Hammond where he became homeless and lost contact with his family. While residing in a homeless shelter, Sam became friends with a manager from the local Hampton Inn who helped him gain both employment and shelter at the hotel.

While living at the hotel, a manager assisted in connecting Sam with I/DD services, and he moved into the Tracey Lane Community Home in August 2010. Sam continued his employment at the Hampton Inn, developing independent living skills so he could one day live on his own. Sam has a passion for health and fitness and joined a local Taekwondo gym where he has earned many belts.

Sam’s dream was always to live on his own. In September 2022, that dream came true when he transitioned into our waiver program with Normal Life Family Services. Sam now lives by himself in a one-bedroom apartment. His job and focus on health and fitness are still his passions and highest priorities. His coworker Lashanda said, “Samuel is always willing to help even with duties outside of his own. He is kindhearted and a great person to work with.”

When asked, Sam said, “I enjoy working because my team likes me and I like my team.” After 15 years at the hotel, Sam has no plans to retire or slow down. He joined a local gym, wants to learn to play tennis, and recently reconnected with his sister. At age 70, Sam is living his best life and thriving in his community.

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