Terrell Presnall – Michigan Direct Support of the Year

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Terrell comes to work every day with a smile and an enthusiastic attitude. The individuals he serves are excited when they know he is coming in to work. Terrell takes the time to listen to those he serves and will do whatever they ask – from playing ten rounds of cards to taking an hour at the grocery store while they pick out the perfect razor – Terrell is here for our consumers.

There are conflicts that can come with living with other people. One person might be messier than the other; another might be more talkative. Terrell works with our individuals so they can come together and want to be a part of the group. They have fun, and it’s not about who has what issue; it’s about working together.

During the pandemic, Terrell volunteered to stay at the home and care for our consumers. He takes the time to ask questions or takes the initiative to step up for our residents and he thinks outside the box by putting himself in our residents’ shoes. He listens to our consumers’ needs and wants and then helps them achieve their goals by pushing them, leading by example with an upbeat attitude, and pushing forward when things get hard.

Terrell goes above and beyond what anyone could ask for in an employee. He sees potential in our residents, is patient with them, and provides guidance, and they know he isn’t there just to supervise them but also to promote their well-being.

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