Cynthia Longoria – Texas Direct Support Professional of the Year

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Cynthia understands that the individuals she supports function best in a structured environment, yet they still need the freedom of personal choice in how they go about their day and work towards achieving their goals. In a recent interview, Cynthia said, “We take for granted what we have, but I put myself in their shoes, ask them what they want to do, where they want to go.” This approach is empathetic and respectful in helping individuals realize their wants and needs. It also promotes a sense of self-determination and independence, one of the main principles behind the person-centered approach.

Over the many years that Cynthia has worked, she has promoted and maintained open lines of communication between individuals and their involved family members, often serving as the liaison between them. Cynthia assists them with phone calls to loved ones, has provided transportation to and from family members’ homes for weekend and extended visits, and has utilized modern technology such as FaceTime to promote these important relationships. Within the group home setting, Cynthia creates a family-like atmosphere between household members, encouraging healthy interactions between each client.

Cynthia was such a shining star during her first two years of employment that she was quickly promoted to her current position as site supervisor, serving 15 years in the ICF program and 17 years in the HCS program. In her own words, her guiding philosophy is this: “I teach my staff to allow the clients to do as much for themselves as they possibly can because you’d be surprised at how much they can do if you just teach them how.” In all her years of service, Cynthia has developed countless direct care staff to do the same, some of whom still work for ResCare. As an interdisciplinary team member for every individual she supports, she keeps nurses, programmers, and administrators abreast of any direct observations she may have regarding their health and general well-being.

Cynthia is an honest, hardworking employee who does not take shortcuts. In her everyday dealings with staff and individuals, she is by the book, saving every memo and in-service training to refer back to teach any new staff members coming to the home to work. She is astutely aware of how important her role is in the organization and, most importantly, how that role is directly responsible to the individuals she supports.

Cynthia’s greatest accomplishment is her 32 years of dedicated service to the people she supports and the staff she develops in this organization. Because of her tireless work ethic and commitment, she continues to excel.

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