Elaine Phillipes – Texas Direct Support Professional of the Year

July 29, 2021 Filed under: Uncategorized

Elaine embodies our mission of creating optimal environments for people in need of assistance through attentive and compassion care so that they can live their best lives. She stresses the importance of promoting independence, choices, and positive environments for those in her care.

Elaine had a client who requires a cholesterol-free diet and who had difficulty finding things that he enjoyed eating that fell within his dietary guidelines. She taught him how to menu plan, purchase grocery items, and prepare the meals using a crockpot. There was another client in the home who had open-heart surgery to help with an ongoing heart condition. Elaine worked with the client for several weeks until she was able to walk again without the use of her walker, greatly enhancing the client’s self-esteem and further increasing her independence.

When COVID-19 made it more difficult for clients to maintain friendships and relationships outside the home, Elaine ensured that the clients in her home remained in contact with their friends and family through telephone and video calls. She also used the time to help the clients in the home bond and become more of a family.

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