Karimu Ngabo – Arizona Direct Support Professional of the Year

July 29, 2021 Filed under: Uncategorized

Karimu’s focus is always on the clients he supports, and he sets the tone in the house with his positive attitude.
He addresses challenges and set-backs with encouragement, pep-talks, time for reflection, and support to help the individual get back on track. He motivates his clients to work on their daily goals and promotes independence and growth.

Karimu knows how essential relationships with others are for his clients’ overall mental health and well-being. He works to support his clients by maintaining and cultivating healthy relationships with family and friends by ensuring there is communication between his clients and those important people in their lives.

When the clients in Karimu’s home were diagnosed with COVID, Karimu stepped forward, as a servant leader, to cover shifts and care for his clients. While taking the proper safety precautions to protect himself, Karimu knew his clients still needed support and quality care, even more so with COVID diagnoses.

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