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Becoming a Host Home Provider in FLorida

Become a Host Home Provider in Florida

Host home is the most natural setting in which an individual with intellectual or developmental disabilities can live. The concept is simple – you as a provider, are opening your home to an individual with a disability to provide them with a home – something that they may not otherwise have.  When you become a part of ResCare Host Home family, you will have the support you need. Our priority is ensuring the success of persons receiving supports at the forefront of all decision making. Quality and timely service is our trademark but providing safe and good homes for all persons receiving support is our passion.

Through our outstanding resources, our host providers and family care givers have an extensive amount of support. We act as advocates not only for the individuals receiving support from ResCare Community Living, but for our providers as well.

We Provide

  • Specific training to support adults with disabilities, behavioral or medical needs;
  • Assisting and advocating for services for behavioral and medical needs
  • Experienced and dedicated staff to assist you on your journey
  • Expedited contracting process we work with the host provider or family care giver to complete the need pre-service training
  • Nursing to support and provide training as needed for specific protocols, medical needs and equipment
  • Admissions Coordination-matching the needs of individual with a host providers skills and experience
  • Trainers who provide pre-service and ongoing training to meet the needs of the individual in the host or family care giver setting
  • Support to individuals who live in their own home with supports that are identified
  • Provide Rep Payee service and assist with money management


  • Room & Board
  • 100% of billable transportation
  • Online Application and Orientation
  • In House pharmacy for direct medication delivery
  • Tax free income based off of current IRS regulations
  • 24/7 emergency on-call phone
  • Direct deposit
  • SSA and Medicaid eligibility supports

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Become a Host Home Provider