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How You Can Qualify

There are many strong reasons to become an Adult Foster Care / Host Home provider with ResCare. We offer competitive per diem rates, hassle-free payments, and continuous training and support. We want your experience to be smooth and enjoyable, and we will work hand in hand with all of our providers for the best hosting experience.


General Requirements to be an Adult Foster Care / Host Home or Companion Home Provider:

  • Possess a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate, or a successfully complete a written competency-based assessment demonstrating the ability to provide Host Home or Companion Home and submit three written personal references which evidence the applicant’s ability to provide a safe and healthy environment for the Individual from at least three persons who are not relatives of the service provider (see billing guidelines for Degree of Consanguinity or Affinity”).
  • Be competent adults with a demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment and decision-making. Their integrity and conduct shall be above reproach, especially in regards to their role as Host Home or Companion Home providers.
  • Be willing to be a team member with the agency in establishing and carrying out agency goals for the person.
  • Possess skills necessary to live amicably as a family group. Accept and respect each person as an individual.
  • Be kind and friendly.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of people with disabilities.
  • Participate in and effectively apply training as required.
  • Be prepared to serve as an appropriate role model.
  • Complete and provide documentation on required forms.
  • Drivers shall have a valid Driver’s license and proof of automobile insurance.
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background screening, misconduct registry check and nurse aid registry check. No one living in the home may have a prior felony record or record of any misdemeanors involving any sexual offenses, pornography, prostitution, domestic violence, child abuse, or cruelty to animals. Criminal History, Nurse Aide Registry and Employee Misconduct Registry Checks may be required for every person over the age of 18 who will reside in the home. Consult with a ResCare representative near you to learn about background checks and related requirements in your state.
  • The Host Home/Companion Home provider must notify the Program Administrator in writing of any visitor over the age of 18 who will remain in the home more than 30 days. Those who join the household after the initial application period and who stay more than thirty days will be subject to the requirements as those included in the initial application process.
  • Must be able to meet standards established by Licensing (Site Visit). Verification of stable income, sufficient to meet the needs of the family. The potential income from Host Home or Companion Home services may be included in the income calculation.  Consult with a ResCare representative near you to find out about Host Home income regulations in your state.
  • Host Home or Companion Home providers shall keep confidential information shared by the agency and shall sign a statement of confidentiality.
  • Host Home or Companion Home providers shall provide routine transportation.
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